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Sun Pharma's CSR Activities(Top Message)

Based on our corporate vision of "Reaching People, Touching Lives," Sun Pharma Group in Japan aims to become a "specialty pharmaceutical company" in the dermatology field through research and development, manufacturing, providing medical information and collecting safety information, and commercialization of innovative medicines. It is expected that the values of humanity including lifestyles, work and business styles, and the way we communicate each other in the world would change significantly faster than ever before. Sun Pharma Group will listen to the needs of the medical front, augment the health of patients and other people, improve the quality of life and create an environment where people can live with peace through CSR activities. In addition, Sun Pharma Group will strengthen our sustainability initiatives through our corporate activities, contribute greatly to the achievement of the SDGs, and work to foster corporate value, which is appreciated by all of our stakeholders.

Country Head
Haruko Yamabe

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Select the goals of the SDGs based on our corporate vision “Reaching People. Touching Lives”

Activities to become a specialty pharmaceutical company in the dermatology field for high-quality and innovative pharmaceutical products, and the medical field
Activities based on Sunnology
Activities to promote local and internal communication and employee engagement

Fulfilling our Goals

  • Contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of patients and other people

  • Working to foster corporate value, which is appreciated by all of our stakeholders

  • Creating an environment in which all employees work with pride

CSR Activities Structure

CSR Activities Structure CSR Activities Structure