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On January 1, 2020, Sun Pharma Japan Limited merged with POLA-Pharma and formed Sun Pharma Japan Limited as the surviving company. The companies of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. in Japan are in the two-company system; “newborn” Sun Pharma Japan Limited and its manufacturing subsidiary, Kayaku Co., Ltd.
Junichi Nakamichi

Providing high-quality pharmaceutical products with the consistent production / supply system

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is a global specialty pharmaceutical company having its headquarters in Mumbai, India. After Mr. Dilip Shanghvi started our business with only two employees and a humble portfolio of five molecules for the central nervous system in 1983, we have currently grown to be a global company with approximately 30,000 employees in 150 countries worldwide, while manufacturing and commercializing as many as 2,000 pharmaceutical products. We continue to evolve as a major pharmaceutical company and consistently rank as the top in India and as among the top in the United States, as well as in the global generic companies league table.
Our biggest strength is a vertically integrated manufacturing set-up, including a large scale manufacturing capability of critical active pharmaceutical ingredients, and development / production of various types of formulations in-house. We provide high-quality and affordable medicines to patients in a number of countries in the world in a timely manner with information on the proper use of medicines, by distributing medicines through our solid commercialization platform world-wide. We believe that our mission is to provide high-quality and innovative medicines to people in the world by leveraging our strengths fully with our vision of “Reaching People. Touching Lives.” advocated by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Sun Pharma Japan Limited was founded in Japan in 2012. Both globally and within the Japanese market, we strive every day to consistently provide medicines which would satisfy patients’ needs.

Looking ahead to the future and listening to needs of the medical front

What we aim for is to continue to provide necessary medicines to patients who really need help. When Sun Pharma was founded, the pharmaceutical market was dominated by antibiotics. However, as we looked ahead to the future, listened to needs of the medical front, and made a strategic decision to focus on the pharmaceutical products for the central nervous system, which were essentially chronic diseases. With the bold decision, we were able to build the foundation of the current success.
Such entrepreneurial spirit has been continuously inherited. We have been focusing our research and development investment within the dermatology field, oncology field and ophthalmology field, and have expanded its business domain to include innovative new drugs such as biological products. Our growth strategy in Japan is to primarily focus on the dermatology field as the most important therapeutic field, and this is consistent with Sun Pharma global growth strategy.

Aiming to be the specialty pharmaceutical company devoted to the field of dermatology

For us, skin is special. Skin is the most beautiful part of our body which protects us from external threats and which also allows us to deepen communication through the touch of each other. However, it is true that there are still many patients who suffer various symptoms of skin disorders, and, as a result, such important roles of skin being undermined and those patients are exposed to a lower Quality of Life (QOL).
We believe that there are a number of unmet medical needs left to be addressed in the dermatology field for a pharmaceutical company. As a “specialty pharmaceutical company” in the dermatology field, we aim to become a company which can make patients and their family members in the world smile, and which can provide broader treatment options to medical professionals who are in charge of their treatment, through research and development, manufacturing, commercialization of innovative medicines.

Challenge of “newborn” Sun Pharma

On January 1, 2020, Sun Pharma merged with Pola Pharma and took a new step ahead.
We would like to further reinforce our presence in the dermatology field in Japan by organically combining Sun Pharma’s rich product portfolio, research and development capability and knowhow acquired from global business with the successful track-record built in Japan by Pola Pharma.
As one team, we are inspired by Sun Pharma group’s common ideology (SUNOLOGY); meaning “Humility,” “Integrity,” “Passion” and “Innovation.” We believe that if each employee embeds this SUNOLOGY in their mind as a way of everyday life, it would become Sun Pharma’s driving force for further growth.
We are fully committed to make the best effort to deliver performance, so that we can continue to create value, to gain trust and to exceed expectations of all of our stakeholders. We appreciate your continued support.